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Web Accessibility

Baxter Harries is committed to its equality and diversity policy and makes every effort to accommodate the needs of all potential and existing clients encouraging anyone who has a disability or is unable to access any part of the website to call Baxter Harries on 01277 362332 so that we can assist in any way possible.

We are continually looking to improve and enhance our website to fully meet the needs of our clients and if you have any feedback on our website please contact our offices.

The website has made reasonable adjustments to enable clients with visual impairments to enlarge the font size of the text on the website to make it easier to access the information. Please read below for instructions on how to do so if you are unsure.

Making your text size larger or smaller

You can change your text size using your browser options:

In Internet Explorer:

You can change the text size in Internet Explorer by selecting View > Text size then choosing your preferred text size from 'Smallest' to 'Largest'. The default setting is 'Medium'.

In Firefox:

You can change the text size in Firefox by selecting View > Text size then choosing 'Increase' or 'Decrease'. The default setting is 'Normal'.

In Opera:

You can change the text size in Opera by selecting View > Zoom then choosing the image size to view the website. This increases the size of the whole site.

In Mozilla / Netscape:

You can change the text size in Mozilla / Netscape by selecting View > Text size then choosing a larger or smaller 'percentage' or click on 'larger' or 'smaller' to go one size up or down.

Changing your computer screen settings:

You can change the size of the image shown on your screen on a PC running the Windows 95 and upwards operating system by selecting Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display > Settings and change the desktop area by using the sliding bar.

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