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Making a will is possibly the single most important thing you can do to protect your family and loved ones. We can help make sure your wishes are followed.


Why make a Will?

It is important to make a Will to ensure that your Estate goes to the family members, friends or even charities that you want it to.

You can stipulate a trusted person to be appointed as the Executor to administer your Estate and ensure that your wishes are carried out. Guardians for your children can be appointed, to ensure that there is someone to look after them if the worst should happen.

To be valid, it is imperative that your Will is executed correctly so that it meets with statutory requirements.

In the absence of a Will, or if there is a Will but it is not valid, the law stipulates how your Estate will be distributed. This can lead to unexpected and unwanted consequences. Often this can prejudice a surviving spouse or partner. Depending on which family members survive you, the distribution of the estate could pass to relatives who might not those that you would have chosen or there may be an unequal distribution to children.

The making of a Will by a professional avoids these difficulties and allows for matters such as potential Inheritance Tax to be taken into consideration. We can advise you about protecting your assets for your chosen beneficiaries. In the current climate of increasing claims against Estates we can help to protect against potential claims. Don’t risk the uncertainty of not knowing how your loved ones will be provided for after your death.

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Some frequently asked questions about making a Will

What will happen if I don’t make a Will?
Your estate will pass in accordance with Intestacy Rules. The order of entitlement is applied strictly in accordance with the Administration of Estates Act 1925. You will have no say about what happens.
Does a Will need to be prepared by a solicitor?
No it does not. However, it must comply with the requirements of Wills Act 1837 in order to be valid. We can ensure that your Will is valid and give you peace of mind that your family will be looked after in accordance with your wishes.
Can you help me make a will I am registered blind?
Absolutely, that is not a problem. The Will will be drafted in the usual way, to reflect your intentions. The will can then be read over to you and the fact that this has been done will be reflected in it. The same would apply if, for example, you were unable to read. You can then sign it, or make a mark signifying your endorsement of it.
What happens if beneficiaries die before me?
It does depend on the type of gift, but ultimately a gift to a deceased beneficiary may fail and then form part of the residue of your estate. When drafting your Will we will always ask what you would wish to happen to a gift if a beneficiary dies before you, for example would you want it to pass to someone else or the child of the named beneficiary.
Can I protect my children from paying Inheritance Tax?
There is an amount that is exempt from Inheritance Tax known as the “Nil Rate Band” which is currently £325,000. We can advise you about ways to protect your estate.
Should I appoint a friend or solicitors to be executors?
This is entirely a choice for you. Either or indeed both can be appointed to deal with the administration of your estate. You just need to make sure that whoever you appoint is somebody you trust to carry out your wishes.

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