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International Family Law

Our international family law department has become increasingly well known for our unrivalled experience and expertise in representing clients in relation to divorce and financial claims within English and foreign jurisdictions, child abduction and adoption and surrogacy where there are international implications.

Find out how our experts can help you with your international family issues.

International Family Law

Whether you are seeking to adopt a child from abroad, worried that someone might take your child out of the country without your permission or are dealing with a relationship breakdown with assets abroad, you need specialist advice. We can help.

Court proceedings involving international family law are complex and you should always take advice from one of our experienced lawyers.

With the UK’s reputation as the “divorce capital of the world”, early advice in relation to divorce and finances is essential to ensure that proceedings are issued in the jurisdiction that is likely to be most favourable to you, particularly in European cases where each party can “race” to issue proceedings in his or her country of choice. In such situations the case will usually be dealt with in the first court where proceedings are issued. This can have a dramatic impact upon the eventual financial settlement, so it is vital that you secure expert legal advice at the earliest opportunity. Our international family law team also has extensive experience in cases where assets are located worldwide, including in offshore trusts and companies.

Many other seemingly straightforward situations also have an international element that needs to be considered e.g. the other parent of your child is taking him or her abroad to live. How will you enforce the arrangements for you to see your child once they have left the country? How do you get approval to bring a child from abroad into (or out of) the country for adoption?

Other situations are obviously more complicated and very stressful e.g. what do you do if the other parent of your child leaves the UK with the child without your consent and how do you secure the child’s return? What if you have brought your child into the UK without permission?

These are all matters that we have dealt with. If you are involved in a similar situation, you should seek advice without delay. We understand the urgency and one of our experts will usually be able to see you the same day.

We have a Legal Aid contract that covers child abduction matters and we are able to apply for Legal Aid to represent you, provided you fulfill the relevant criteria.

Our specialist advisers are ready to help with your matter now. Call us today.

Some frequently asked questions about international family law

My ex is threatening to leave the country with our child. What should I do?
If you believe that the threat is real, you should immediately speak to one of our experts. If necessary, we can make an urgent court application the same day to prevent the other parent from even leaving the country. The court has power to order an “all port alert” which will be communicated to all exit points in the UK (airports, ferry ports etc.) to prevent your child being taken out of the country.
I think my spouse is hiding money abroad. What should I do?
Whilst it might seem tempting to resort to opening confidential correspondence or logging in to an email account to gain evidence that your spouse is hiding assets, this is illegal and you risk serious civil and criminal penalties. If you think your spouse is hiding assets, whether in this country or abroad, it is crucial that you seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity. In appropriate cases, we can make an urgent application to freeze your spouse’s assets.

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Our International Family Law team

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