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We guarantee that at Baxter Harries you will receive the bespoke professional service that we offer to all our clients, irrespective of your sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. You are entitled to expect that basic right to be respected wherever you go, and we should not need to say it.

However, we know that the world is imperfect and prejudiced, so we want to make our position entirely clear.


We promise that each and every one of our range of services will be delivered respectfully and sensitively to you by one of our specialist lawyers and that you will be greeted with a friendly smile by someone who knows your name when you come into one of our offices.

We offer all our LGBTQI clients the opportunity of a complementary meeting with Deborah Baxter (the Baxter in Baxter Harries) and she will personally introduce you to the lawyer who will be handling your case. Deborah will also oversee your matter as it progresses.

Deborah herself has particular expertise in LGBTQI family matters and Baxter Harries has been involved in a number of reported cases that have been instrumental in the development of UK law in relation to issues of LGBT parenting and the fast-developing area of law relating to modern families.

Baxter Harries has proven expertise in LGBTQI issues.

Recent, successful cases can be viewed here.

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Deborah Baxter

Deborah Baxter
Office: Ongar

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