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Trainee Blog No.4

Trainee Blog No.4

Posted by Melissa - July 10 2019

Lasting Powers of Attorney – The best insurance policy for your future


I’m still in my Wills and Probate seat, learning more each day.  I love this seat, it’s really motivating and so far I feel like this is something that I would like to consider specialising in when I qualify.  Recently I’ve  been assisting Kim (department lead), with some Lasting Powers of Attorney matters. 


The thought of reaching a time in your life when you are no longer able to make your own decisions may be one that most would rather ignore. However, not planning for the future can cause difficulty for loved ones should anything happen to you.


Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA’s) are tools that give legal authority to an appointed person of your choosing to help and assist you in the future. There are currently two types of LPA, one for Property and Financial Affairs and one for Health and Welfare. 


The Property and Financial Affairs LPA appoints an attorney to make decisions regarding managing a bank or building society account, paying bills, collecting benefits or a pension, or buying and selling a house. This can be used immediately after registration, if the person making it gives their permission.


The Health and Welfare LPA appoints an attorney to make decisions regarding medical care, future care needs such as moving into a care home, and life-sustaining treatment. It can only be used if the person is unable to make their own decisions.


If something was to happen and you did not have an LPA in place, things can become very difficult for family and loved ones. This is because someone must apply to the Court of Protection to become a Deputy before they can assist with matters on your behalf. This is a long and expensive process and can mean that a stranger or someone from the Local Authority ends up being the one making decisions regarding your future.


For more information regarding Lasting Powers of Attorney please contact our office on 01277 362332.




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