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Planning for the future - your will.  By Kim Boylett

Planning for the future - your will.  By Kim Boylett

Posted by Melissa - January 10 2019

January – a time for reflection and planning for the future.

January is often the new start that we wait for when planning the year to come.  We start diets, we start new gym memberships, sadly often underutilised on both counts!  Its also a time when we look at how we are spending our lives, who is important to us and how we care for them. 

Alongside this introspection there comes a point when we mull over the prospect of making a will. Whilst it may seem a difficult or macabre consideration the harsh reality is that one day we will all pass away.  When we are not here to speak for ourselves, what will happen to our families, pets and our hard-earned assets will depend on whether or not we have made a will.  

Without a will being left behind our families are often left with a complicated muddle to unpick at a time when they are most vulnerable. 

We live in a world now with so much choice for consumers and with the added benefit of the internet, how should you choose who makes your will?  There was a time when a Lawyer was the only option, but now with so many companies offering will writing services or websites offering will writing software, is it best to shop around? Is the cheapest option always the best option?

When going to see a Lawyer to give instructions for your will, you have the benefit of a face to face meeting, so any questions and concerns can be addressed immediately and you have peace of mind that you are protected if something should go wrong. This is not always possible from online solutions or software packages.  You should also be given full advice regarding all your decisions, inheritance tax if applicable and any related issues. Should you have assets outside the UK, have complex family issues or indeed if you are worried about what will happen to your pets, a lawyer will also take this into account when taking your instructions.

The law surrounding wills, inheritance tax and trusts is complex and as Lawyers we are well trained in this area and will be up to date with the law and able to advise you accordingly. The complicated bits will be done for you and all you need to do is explain what you want to happen, it is the Lawyers job to make it workable.

Baxter Harries will be happy to assist you in making your will and should you like further information regarding your will, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01277 362332.

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