An Adoption Order is potentially the most draconian Order that a UK Court can make. It permanently severs the legal and eventually the emotional ties between a child and its birth parents. The law and procedural rules are complex, particularly in cases where there is a foreign element.

We have many years of experience of representing adopters, parents and children in the adoption process. We have seen the pain of losing a child to adoption and the joy of being allowed to adopt. We understand the need for great sensitivity, whatever the circumstances.

We understand that adoption is not always an easy option and that for adopters of an older child or one with disabilities or behavioural difficulties it is crucial to ensure that all necessary services are in place before the Adoption Order is made. Sometimes this requires very sensitive negotiation, usually with Local Authorities operating under severe financial constraints. We are well placed to do this.

We also know that, sadly, adoption does not always work and is not the panacea it is sometimes presented as being. We have advised in such situations and represented adoptive parents and children in proceedings following on from adoption breakdown.

It is often legally very difficult to contest the making of an Adoption Order if you are a parent, although if you are in that position you may, understandably, feel very strongly that you owe it to your child and to yourself to try. We are able to advise you about the strength of your case and how to put it most effectively.

Whatever your situation and circumstances, we can help you make sense of the process of adoption whilst acknowledging that that process will always be a very emotional journey.

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