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Islamic Wills

Consult one of our experts to make sure that your wishes about what should happen to your assets after death are carried out.

Islamic Wills

We can assist you to ensure that you have a Will that is in line with your faith whilst considering the Inheritance Tax and other issues that may be relevant.

We understand the rules in the Qur’an about the distribution of assets after death. We can ensure that these are reflected in your Will. As the Will sets out your intentions it can help to avoid family disputes after your death. Importantly, preparing an Islamic compliant Will avoids the possibility of your estate passing in accordance with the Intestacy Rules, which would not be in keeping with the Islamic view and might result in your estate passing to people that you do not want it to.

If you have young children the Will can include provision for a guardian to be appointed to act if there are no surviving parents. Again, this ensures that your wishes are effective after death and avoids the uncertainty and expense of an application to Court.

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Some frequently asked questions about Islamic Wills

Why make an Islamic Will?
If you are Muslim it is regarded as your religious duty. If you do not make a Will your estate will pass in accordance with intestacy rules which are not Sharia compliant.

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