Re B-S [2013] EWCA Civ 1146 – represented adopters in landmark decision in the Court of Appeal where the President of the Family Division gave guidelines for the conduct of care cases where adoption is the proposed plan, and for the making of applications for leave to oppose an adoption order pursuant to Section 47(5) ACA (2002).

Re S [2013] EWCA Civ 1073 Court of Appeal  – Successful appeal by mother to overturn a full care and placement order.

Re R [2013] (Judgment pending) Court of Appeal – Successful appeal by the mother in relation to findings of fact made against her in Care Proceedings in which the Judge at first instance made findings of fact that she had deliberately placed her child into scalding bath water.

Re B (a child) [2013] UKSC 33 –  Represented Father in Care Proceedings where the decision to make a full care order was challenged by both parents in the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. This case is now pending in the European Court of Human Rights.

P and L (Minors) [2011] EWHC 3431 and ML and AR v RW and SW [2011] EWHC 2455 Representation of lesbian mothers of two children in length High Court proceedings following application by known sperm donor and his male partner for Contact and Parental Responsibility Orders where Mr Justice Hedley defined the concept of primary and secondary parents and highlighted the need for proper advice and written agreements to be entered into before such arrangments are contemplated.

Re H-T (Children) [2012] EWCA Civ 1215   Represented children in an appeal to the Court of Appeal from a  Circuit Judge’s decision to refuse contact pursuant to Section 34 (4) Children Act 1989 where Court held decision had prejudged outcome of the Proceedings.

Re G and B (Children) [2007] EWCA Civ 358 Represented children in the Court of Appeal where a mother appealed against Placement Orders on the ground that the Local Authority should be required to assess her foster sister as a potential carer.

A Local Authority v D (Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police Intervening) [2006] 2 FLR 1053 Represented Mother in Care Proceedings issued following serious non accidental injuries to her son. This case concerned and defined the interpretation of some of the rules relating to disclosure of documents in Care proceedings.

Re S (Change of surname) [1999] 1FLR 672  Court of Appeal – young person in care of Local Authority wishing to change her name following allegations of sexual abuse made against her father, where judge at first instance refused to allow change, decision overturned on appeal  and child permitted to change her surname.

LM v Essex CC [1999] 1FLR 988. Application for habeas corpus for wrongful detention after Section 25 Children Act criteria for detaining a child in secure accommodation no longer found to be met.

Jackson and others v Pigott Brothers [1992] ICR 85. Court of Appeal case, successfully representing three women in a claim for unfair dismissal arising out of their refusal to work with materials that caused illness.

My family has much to thank Deborah Baxter of Baxter Harries Ltd for.
We have relied (on more than once occasion) on Deborah for support and expertise in extremely difficult and emotional circumstances.

Laura, thank you so much for all you have done over the last few years
and for listening when I’ve had a moan.
I feel like you have been a friend as well as our lawyer.

Thank you for all your help, advice and support.
We really appreciate it and do not think
we would be where we are now without you.

All matters were well covered and dealt with in a very professional manner
making my wife and I happy to be dealt with in a friendly manner
and being treated very courteously.